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Cracked and broken sewer lines not only pose a danger to the structural integrity of your property, but can also cause serious health risks and attract infestations of rodents and other pests. The longer a sewer line issue is neglected, the greater the repair bill is likely to become when you factor in the costs of water damage, structural damage, disinfection, pest control, landscaping repair, and other related damages.

At John Padilla Plumbing Inc., our skilled plumbers provide comprehensive sewer line installations and repairs throughout the San Diego area. As a locally owned and operated company that prides itself on prompt solutions, we work quickly and efficiently to get plumbing systems back to working the way they should.

With John Padilla Plumbing, you can expect:

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Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair or Replacement

Your sewer line is one of the hardest working systems in your home and business, but it often flies under the radar. Many people don't think twice about their sewer systems until something goes catastrophically wrong with it. Before your sewer issue gets to that point, familiarize yourself with the information below so that you know when to call a plumber.

Here are common signs your sewage line is broken:

  • Slow draining bathtub or failure to drain
  • Your toilet emits strange noises or bubbles
  • Stale water pooling in your yard
  • Foul sewage smells around your property
  • Multiple backed up drains around your home
  • Lack of water in your toilet

A number of things can cause your sewage line to break, including old pipe materials, poor sewer line layout and installation, clogged pipes, and more. Our skilled plumbers in San Diego understand the intricacies of sewer lines in both residential and commercial plumbing systems and work methodically to address all of our customers' concerns. In fact, we have an engineer on staff who has extensive experience with sewer system design and proper wastewater pipe layouts.

What Causes Main Sewer Lines to Clog?

Main sewer lines can become clogged due to a variety of causes. The most common cause is tree roots intruding into the pipe, as roots are naturally drawn towards moisture and nutrients found in a sewer line. Tree roots do not typically travel far through a pipe, but when they do, the roots can quickly cause blockages.

Other common culprits include:

  • Flushing trash down the toilet
  • Flushing too much toilet paper
  • Pouring cooking oil and grease down the sink
  • Putting too much of the wrong food waste items into your garbage disposal
  • Failing to maintain your drain and sewer lines

Choose Our San Diego Plumbing Team For All Your Sewer Needs

John Padilla Plumbing Inc. offers professional San Diego sewer installation and repair services to resolve a wide range of sewer line issues. We use camera inspections to carefully diagnose sewer line problems and find precise solutions that are cost-effective and lasting. We offer solutions to fit a range of situations, include pipe relining, pipe bursting, and plumbing maintenance services to help you avoid future plumbing problems.

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