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At John Padilla Plumbing Inc., our San Diego plumbing company is committed to providing accurate diagnostics and precise plumbing repair services. One way we do this is by using high-tech cameras to inspect pipes and drains during a comprehensive overview. We target the exact root of the problem so that we can quickly and effectively find a solution. This saves home and business owners time and money.

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Why Use Camera Inspections?

Many plumbers assume they know where a problem originates, but do not take the time to carefully diagnose the error. At John Padilla Plumbing Inc., we use our camera inspection to survey every inch of our customers' plumbing system.

Other Uses Of Camera Inspections Include:

  • Inspecting septic piping
  • Inspecting new, potential homes
  • Remodeling inspections
  • Retrieving lost items

Not only does this method save people money and makes repairs more efficient, but it can also help prevent future problems. Whether it is a San Diego residential plumbing job or a commercial plumbing project, we find video camera inspections not only convenient but also efficient!

How Do Plumbing Video Inspections Work?

During a video camera line inspection, our skilled technicians insert a high-definition camera attached to a flexible rod into your home or business’ pipes allowing us to survey the inside of your pipes in their entirety. Using radio transmitters on the camera itself, we can pinpoint the exact depth and location of any obstructions and other issues in your pipes, virtually eliminating the guesswork associated with past plumbing methods.

Video Camera Inspections Can Identify All Types Of Issues:

  • Root intrusions
  • Misaligned pipes
  • Broken pipes
  • Corrosion
  • Grease buildup
  • Leaks
  • Other obstructions

Likewise, video camera inspections can be performed after a service to verify that the plumbing line has been properly repaired or cleaned. Video camera inspections can also be useful to ensure your sewer lines are in working order before purchasing a home, saving you from thousands of dollars in repairs after you move in.

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Take the guesswork out of your plumbing services. At John Padilla Plumbing Inc., our skilled San Diego plumbers are extensively trained and have years of experience working with complex plumbing problems. We use cutting-edge technology and innovative repair methods to help our customers save time and money.

Additionally, as a family-owned and operated company, we've built our business on tenets of trust, respect, and loyalty. We offer the same level of care and service to our customers as we would our own grandmother.

For a comprehensive plumbing inspection with camera technology, call (858) 375-5633. Our San Diego plumbers are ready to help!

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