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John Padilla Plumbing Inc. Job Opportunites

Read the job descriptions for our Plumbing and HVAC career opportunities below. Then print out the application to fill out and upload it to the contact form below. We look forward to having you join the team!
  • HVAC Service Job description Journeyman Level

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    Note: John Padilla Plumbing, Heating & Air does not expect you to know everything, however, a strong grasp of the basic service in HVAC systems is required. This includes but not is limited to the following:



    • Have good customer skills, and the ability to communicate clearly with the customer
    • Be able to perform routine maintenance on all types of residential heating and air conditioning equipment
    • Be able to perform routine maintenance on light commercial package systems, heat pump, and gas electric
    • Be able to assist or install HVAC systems
    • Know how to properly perform start-up procedures
    • Have a type II or universal EPA certification
    • Be Nate certified or willing to become NATE certified in the first year of employment
    • Willing to continue training
    • Have all the basic hand tools, and testing equipment required to perform your job. Specialty tools are not required for new hires, but you are expected to get them in a reasonable amount of time. John Padilla has a tool purchase program to help.

    The following Skills are preferred, however, a willingness to fill in the gaps is acceptable.


    • Know the different types of refrigerant in use for residential HVAC
    • Understand the effects of pressure, temperature, airflow and outside ambient air on pressures and temperature in refrigerant
    • Understand the different types of air conditioning metering devices, how they work, and how to diagnose them
    • Understand the difference between subcooling, and superheat, how to charge a system using either method
    • Be able to do leak detection and the proper use of UV dye’s, be able to perform identification of a leak
    • Understand how to identify if a line set is undersized,
    • Be able to perform an air conditioning or heating startup to manufacturers guidelines,
    • Be able to diagnose a compressor and replace if needed
    • Know how to diagnose and check low voltage control systems, including older mechanical relays, and modern circuit board systems.


    • Understand the difference between line voltage, 24 voltage, and millivolt systems
    • Understand a step-down Transformer and the different VA required in HVAC systems
    • Know how to work on PSC, ECM, and Variable speed blower and condenser fan motors
    • Know the difference between 115 volt, 208/240 and 480 volt systems both single phase and three phase
    • Know how to check if a circuit breaker is good or bad and how to replace it
    • Know how to check and replace fuses (all types)


    • Know how to find the temperature rise required and how to adjust the furnace
    • Know how to adjust the proper WG on a standard, two-stage, and modulating gas valve
    • Understand the safety switches and relays in a furnace and how to check them
    • Understand how to work on Standing pilot, Electronic ignition, and Hot surface ignitors
    • Know how to check a heat exchanger and take CO2 readings, what is a dangerous level and what is not
    • Understand flue venting, how to install, fix, diagnose issues
    • Know the difference between oil ports and how to oil motors and sealed bearing motors


    • In both heating and air conditioning know how to take a static pressure reading and understand what the difference is between a good and bad reading, how it affects air flow and performance
    • Know the different types of air filtration
    • Know how an air filter can affect airflow and system performance
    • Understand or have basic knowledge of zoning systems
    • Know the difference between Wet Bulb (WB) and Dry Bulb (DB) readings and how to take them
    • Know how to adjust balancing dampers
  • Plumber Job description Journeyman Level

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    Note: John Padilla Plumbing, Heating & Air is looking for an organized, experienced plumber with excellent diagnostic skills. As a journeyman plumber, you will be expected to repair, service and install plumbing systems while performing these services safely.

    Job Requirements and Qualifications:

    • High school diploma or GED equivalent
    • 3+ years relevant trade experience
    • Proficiency using plumbing tools, materials and equipment
    • Have own hand tools
    • Understand and follow Uniform Plumbing Code and City Regulations
    • Available to work on call
    • Valid California driver’s license

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Work on water (copper, PEX, galvanized, Qest), sewer (Cast Iron, ABS, DWV, Clay) and gas systems (Galvanized, PE)
    • Install, repair and replace all plumbing fixtures, including water heaters, garbage disposals, shower valves, faucets, toilets, etc.
    • Evaluate and clear secondary and main drain lines
    • Run a trailer hydrojetter (not required but a plus)
    • Inspect sewer pipes with a sewer camera and locate and problem areas
    • Use electronic leak detection equipment to locate a water leak under a concrete slab (not required but a plus)
    • Locate gas leaks
    • Diagnose and provide estimates for repairs with labor and materials broken out
    • Complete all required paperwork for each job
    • Provide excellent customer service while discussing repairs, options and pricing
    • Keep vans, tools and work areas clean and organized

    Physical Requirements:

    • Must be able step up into his/her van, sit and drive from job to job.
    • Must be physically able to climb steps and ladders.
    • Must be able to carry up to 50lbs and be able to push/pull a dolly or equipment on wheels to transport items up to 75lbs.
    • Must be able to bend, twist, squat and kneel to complete plumbing tasks.
    • Must be able to perform his/her duties overhead and under counters.
    • Required to use his/her hands throughout the day for driving, holding tools and must be able to twist, squeeze and turn hands to complete the tasks.
    • Must be able to dig trenches or holes and use a jackhammer.

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