"John Padilla Plumbing is the best plumbing company in town!"

      John Padilla Plumbing is the best plumbing company in town! A friend of mine lost her watch and rings down a drain, we thought, so John sent his guys out to drain the sump pump first, and on a rainy night I might add! When the items were not there he sent out another gentleman in the morning and looked in the pipes with a camera and there it was 8 ft down! His workers are prompt, courteous and professional! I'm recommending them to everyone I know!

      Heather B.
      "Will call them in the future!!"

      Javier came out so quickly to take care of our sink clogging. He was polite, jovial and very knowledgeable. Will call them in the future!!

      Cyndia R.
      "Highly Recommend!"

      I called John Padilla plumbing to check my heater that was not functioning properly. They were extremely fast in sending out a specialist who found a gas leak at the heater valve! I was given very reasonable quotes and can highly recommend this company for all your heating needs. Javier was friendly, super professional, and highly trained. Thanks Padilla plumbing!

      Michele Jett San Diego, CA
      "Incredible service."

      Incredible service. Prompt and always courteous when they come. I have 3 properties I use these plumbing services for. They are always the best priced and have always left cleaner than they came. I had them snake my shower today which the company my building uses for plumbing said didn't have to be snaked. It clearly did because the water is actually draining now which it hadn't for over a month. They also do great work for heating and air conditioning. I have found my number one plumbing company in San Diego.

      Kerin S.
      "On our behalf, please convey our appreciation for a job well done!!"

      Dear Sir: Just a brief note of thanks and recognition to Mr. Javier Balladares and Mr. Maui. I needed some plumbing services and your company for a water heater replacement in January 2016. Javier showed up at the appointed time in December 2016. He explained the required repair to replace my kitchen sink and associated plumbing fixtures. My gratitude to Mr. Victor Tapia for his patience and professionalism in providing the proposed and final cost for material and labor, plus handling other issues that arose during the material requirements and appointment phase of the installation. I was very pleased with the work performed by Javier and Mr. Maui on January 3rd. Both gentlemen were very courteous, engaging, and quite attentive to our concerns. They cleaned up after themselves and ensure all systems were operating as required. Javier's expertise and pleasant demeanor was exceptional. Their delivery of excellent customer service is commendable. Again, my thanks to your company and your plumbing team for their work. Additionally, another applause to "Juan" for his prompt and rapid response to a water leak with my water heater on January 5th at my unit in Chula Vista. His immediate and attentive action results in calming my fears of the leak escalating further. Juan explained the cause, course of action, and follow-up appointment to flush the water heater. His congenial and positive attitude culminated in a very stress-free experience. On our behalf, please convey our appreciation for a job well done!!

      "I can't say enough good things about this company."

      I can't say enough good things about this company. They are the most honest, reliable and professional plumbing and HVAC company we (Advent Real Estate and Property Management) use. I love the office staff. Victor and Sam are so good on the phone! They reply promptly on email and invoicing is the best! John and Johnnie are the best owners/directors of the company and will gladly talk to me or to my clients. It is so much easier to protect our clients and their investments when our vendors are trustworthy like they are.

      Orion N.
      "They were very prompt and reasonable with their pricing."

      We had a plumbing leak underground due to some tree roots cracking the plumbing lines and causing a major leak at our new house. John Padilla Plumbing used some high tech devices to see through the plumbing lines and pinpoint where the crack was located. They were very prompt and reasonable with their pricing. They got the job done quickly and because of the equipment and technology, they only had to dig a small hole in the ground to make the repairs. Thanks guys!

      Harry V.
      "I cannot say enough about how polite, respectful and efficient they were."

      John Padilla Plumbing, Heating & Air recently replaced my A/C unit. I cannot say enough about how polite, respectful and efficient they were. From the person scheduling the visit, Victor, to the people installing the unit, Steve and Juan, to the owner himself. I highly recommend this company.

      Licia B.
      "I have always been very happy with their service and pricing and will continue to recommend them."

      I have been using and recommending John Padilla Plumbing for years. I have always been very happy with their service and pricing and will continue to recommend them. Thank you John Padilla Plumbing!

      Fernando C.
      "$Very Reasonable"

      My wife’s shower valve quit making hot water in March 2020. We had an appointment with a plumber, but they canceled because of the virus shutdown. It was not an emergency because she could always use my shower. So, for seven months, my wife has been using my shower. We tried several plumbers who would not replace the valve because the Corian backsplash had to be cut to increase the opening for the new valve. The plumbers threw up their hands and walked away without further investigation. We called a Corian company (Marble Works) who told us that the John Padilla Plumbing Company would do it. Their first plumber who came thought the problem was due to our hot water circulating pump which, in fact, had not worked properly for eight years. That plumber called on their company expert who was familiar with those systems. Juan arrived the same day and immediately recognized both problems. He explained both problems in detail and patiently answered all questions. He explained solutions and went to work. He enlarged the opening in the Corian to accommodate the needed new valve and proceeded to order the part. He suggested a date for returning with the new valve. I told him that the date was my birthday and that it was okay to continue the work on that date. He returned on the scheduled date with a new valve and a beautiful birthday cake (pictured). In about two hours Juan completed installation of the new valve and also fixed the hot water circulating pump problem. He had us test the new valve and we found it to work perfectly. My wife now has her shower back after seven months and we have good hot water in all sinks after eight years. And…, I got a birthday cake from a plumber! Thank you John Padilla Plumbing and your Plumber Technician, Juan. CAL Del Mar, CA Sept. 2020

      C. Luke Del Mar, CA
      "I'd give John Padilla Plumbing and Essential Plumbing 5,000 Stars if I could."

      There are times when 5 Stars are simply not enough. This is one of those times. Our nearly 10 yr old Noritz.tankless water heater began shutting off unpredictably in August 2013. Little did we know that we had been cursed with Error Codes 99 & 90 (too much heat generated). We had the unit cleaned and serviced by The Tankless Plumber. Also spent $1000 on revised plumbing guaranteed to fix things. The problem went away.... for a short time. A repeat cleaning was given but ultimately Mr Tankless left us with cold showers. Visits by other plumbers resulted in various estimates for replacing the unit at a cost varying between $2,000 - $6,000. COSTCO 's vendor gave the absurd high estimate after a telephone call - unbelievable. As 2014 came to an end, we had had more than enough of quick showers that required lightening speed to clean the dirty parts before the shower water turned cold. I stopped worrying about wasting water (we're in a drought) because all my family took the shortest showers on record. We chose Eli Jones of Essential Plumbing to make a final assessment before replacing the Noritz heater. We didn't have a spare $3,000 but at this point, we were ready to bite the bullet. (Routinely posting a family member by the Tankless in the garage to reset it - 3 to 8 times per shower user was exhausting). Eli was busy with other work and referred us to John Padilla Plumbing. Eli stated his concern for fixing our problem and kept himself as the principle plumbing company on our account. Steve from Padilla Plumbing began a logical, thoughtful assessment of our system. He examined valve filters, flow rates, water temperature, exhaust tubes , beginning in December, 2014. Said that our unit was one of the cleanest he had seen; No accumulation of dust, corrosion. The unit worked significant better but still cut off with unpredictable but less frequency. Steve offered to bring in the local Noritz rep because the only conceivable repair was replacing the still-under-warranty heating element. This week Steve made a final visit because something about our unit bothered him. The wire connecting the heater to temperature sensor had been cut and reconnected with some bare wire touching the Unit's inner casing. He remembered another unit that malfunctioned when this wire shorted or sparked under the same conditions. He respliced the wire appropriately. I began praying again to the Hot Water Gods.... Our problem has been resolved just 17 months and many cold-interrupted showers later. Just one month after Steve began assessing the problem. He was the only plumber - out of many who saw our unit - who had this insight and experience. His professionalism as that of Victor in the office- was outstanding. Not to mention that I didn't have to throw another $3 grand down the drain... I'd give John Padilla Plumbing and Essential Plumbing 5,000 Stars if I could. Wouldn't use anyone else. Thank you my plumbing friends!!! This review was written from within the steaming friendly confines of a hot water bath.

      David S.
      "They're responsive and friendly."

      Had John Padilla Plumbing come out to repair a main line break and later re-route supply for a new dishwasher. They're responsive and friendly. They did have to come out on a warranty call because there was dirt in the line from the main line repair. They didn't complain or try to get out of it. They came out, diagnosed the problem and fixed it quickly while also being professional and friendly. They also appear to use their own employees (not subcontractors). Subcontractors charge top rate, then the plumbing company charges on top of that. I don't sense any sleeze factor in dealing with these guys.

      Bart S.
      "The scheduling with them is super easy, plumbers are professional and polite and their prices are very reasonable."

      We used John Padilla Plumbing twice: once when buying a condo for in-laws (they gave us a free estimate (which we used to bring the home price down) and when we purchased it they came to fix the issues) and another time to fix leaks in our two bathrooms. Second time around the plumber's truck broke and he used another one to come to our place, it did not have a correct tool to cut the rusted part out - the owner called me personally while the plumber was still here to apologize and to reschedule. They came back another day and fixed the problem. Things like that happen and I appreciated owner calling me to apologize, especially when the second leak was not the part of the scheduled call, we only asked for it to be fixed after the plumber was already here. The scheduling with them is super easy, plumbers are professional and polite and their prices are very reasonable.

      JC S.
      "I make sure my property residents are well taken care of...and this time john made sure that we were all taken care of..Thanks John and staff"

      It was just a normal day...too much on my plate, as usual with owning rental properties. Then came the call..."Our water heater blew out..we turned off the water." I Called my regular guy, quoted a relatively high price and possibly service the next day. Got John Padilla's number on recommendation of a friend/property manager...got a more reasonable price, but, even better, if you can believe this...they got to the property and installed a new water heater within 2 hours. I make sure my property residents are well taken care of...and this time john made sure that we were all taken care of..Thanks John and staff

      Steve G.
      "He was very professional and did a great job diagnosing the issue."

      This is long overdue. We had an issue with our A/C, it wasn't cooling. I had some guy with white gloves come out the year before and charge a considerable amount of $$$ to recharge the A/C. 9 months later and the A/C wasn't cooling again. This time I contacted John Padilla Plumbing and Justin came out the next day. He was very professional and did a great job diagnosing the issue. Unlike the previous troubleshooting effort by another company, Justin was precise and not concerned with up-selling. The price was very fair and I was 100% satisfied with the job performed.

      Kelly N.
      "So far fabulous!!!"

      We used John Padilla Plumbing Inc.and had a Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner installed yesterday by their field supervisor Justin & his assistant Javier. So far fabulous!!! Give them a call for a free estimate 858-836-1830. Ask for a free home estimate from Justin (field supervisor) and be prepared to be pleased. Great yelp reviews, Great service from estimate to install. They are a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. Tell them Mark & Ann from Linda Vista recommended them. By the way, we got a total of 4 estimates and felt most comfortable with Justin & John Padilla Plumbing

      Mark M.
      "We appreciate your punctuality and cooperation to work around our client program hours as well."

      We are extremely pleased with the service of John Padilla Plumbing at Barrio Station, a community based nonprofit organization. We operate a 50,000 sq. ft. facility that requires much maintenance in particular air conditioning and heating. Your staff Justin and Javier have been most professional and respectful toward all our personnel and they provide feed back on the project prior to leaving the job. This helps to educate and empower our general maintenance worker to watch out for signs of and prevention in A/C issues. We appreciate your punctuality and cooperation to work around our client program hours as well. It is crucial that service providers work as a team with our staff and you do that quite well. Thank you!

      Staff and Board of Directors at Barrio Station
      "Great Plumbing Service"

      I needed some work done on my shower. Juan and his apprentice were timely, efficient and professional.

      Lou K. san diego, CA
      "Very fair and prompt"

      I wish to thank John Padilla Plumbing for coordinating service with my busy schedule. You worked on my residential air and heating problem plus you inspected and gave me a timely video and sewer/concrete repair estimate that I found to be very fair and prompt. You helped me to begin planning a needed loan to correct this crucial sewer leak problem that is also sinking my entire driveway and parking area. Where to begin to attack such a dilemma was worrying me. Thank you for getting me started on this venture and thank you for your kind manner in working with this senior citizen who is on a fixed income.

      Rachael O.
      "Excellent job Alex and John Padilla Plumbing, Inc."

      John Padilla Plumbing, Inc is extremely professional and honest. Alex, the plumber, who came to my apartment complex was wonderfully helpful and made all efforts to make the situation as manageable and efficient as possible. Their services deserve to be recommended throughout the San Diego region. Excellent job Alex and John Padilla Plumbing, Inc.

      Seth C.
      "He was very professional and had the leaked fixed in no time."

      Brendan came to my condo today to fix a leak this was going into my neighbors ceiling. He was very professional and had the leaked fixed in no time. He was very friendly and did not leave a mess. He was careful to wear his mask and gloves and booties. I would give him a raise, if I was his boss.

      Cindy Cunningham San Diego, CA
      "I would definitely recommend this company!"

      Love Padilla Plumbing, Heating & Air! They were able to squeeze me in for a Air conditioning unit that stopped blowing cold air. Of course it was 95 degrees outside when it stopped working. They showed up when they said they would and diagnosed it, and another guy came back out to the house an hour later with the part and fixed it. My experience is when it is really hot out AC companies get really busy and can take a while to get a tech out there, the fact that they were able to get someone out to the house bright and early the next day and get it fixed really impressed me. I would definitely recommend this company!

      Jesse P.
      "I recommend his company for every friend and neighbor."

      Our heater was incorrectly installed. John came to our house, personally supervised everything. HE WAS VERY WARM AND PROFESSIONAL. I recommend his company for every friend and neighbor.

      Julia A.
      "Great Service"

      When my heater was not functioning Mr Jose & Mr Eric came to my house & fixed the electrical problem quickly. Thank for this company for sending expert technicians.

      Sumana CHULA VISTA, CA
      "Thank you for prompt and excellent service."

      Julio made the visit and was very professional and patient with me. He fixed my problem quickly and explained everything to me. I will definitely call Padilla again for all my plumbing needs. Thank you for prompt and excellent service.