What Is a Pressure-Reducing Valve & Why Is It Important?

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A pressurereducing valve is a plumbing component that regulates the water pressure coming into your home from the city’s water supply. It’s a more important device than most homeowners realize because it can prevent unnecessary damage to various fixtures throughout a home.

The pressure of a city’s water supply can vary over time and under certain circumstances, such as leaks and trapped air. When water pressure is low, experience low water pressure in your home. This means water may not come out of your faucet or shower head as forcefully as you’re used to, and it may take longer to fill your toilet tank or washing machine.

When the city’s water pressure is high, water pressure throughout your home is also high. This can cause damage to various fixtures throughout your home, breaking plastic components and even causing weakened pipes or loose pipe fittings to burst.

How Do I Know If My Home Has a Pressure Reducing Valve?

Your home’s pressure-reducing valve should be located above the water shut-off valve. The latter is typically a rectangular lever that, when turned 90 degrees, will cut off your home from the city’s water supply.

If you have a pressure-reducing valve, it will look like a bulging component between your shut-off valve and the pipe that carries water into your home. If you don’t see this device or aren’t sure if your home is equipped with one, reach out to a professional plumber for assistance to protect your home.

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