What You Need to Know About Plumbing in San Diego, Part 2: Pipe Status

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How Do Sewage Pipes Work?

Every sewerage system in San Diego is connected to the City sewer main through a sewer lateral. A property owner is responsible for the maintenance of a lateral from the property to the connection with the sewer main. The property’s main line flows from the home to the city lines, and it is in these main lines where problems tend to arise. For this reason, it is important to know where cleanouts are located so that they can be quickly accessed and any blockages can be cleared. Clearing the blockages will prevent unpleasant overflow.

Cleanouts also offer an easy entry point for a camera inspection that shows the state of the pipes. Problems like root intrusion, rodent intrusion, and wear and tear can cause issues over time. Inspecting the camera can help get to the bottom of the issue to save time and money.

If you have a large property, it would be smart to use regular hydro-jetting maintenance. Hydro jetting uses highly pressurized water to break up and remove grease, sludge, and tree roots from sewer drainage pipes. You might not think that water would be able to clear out such muddled substances, but water of this pressure can clear almost any obstruction. Hydro-jetting is essentially an ultra-powerful wash for the inside of your pipes.

How Do You Tell if Your Sewer Line Is Blocked?

It can be easy to forget all of these details when your plumbing is working well, but without regular plumbing maintenance, you might encounter a blocked sewer line before you know it. If we do not clear the blockage, waste can back up into the home and create a smelly mess. Some common ways that sewer lines get blocked are by tree roots or by pouring grease down the sink. Other signs that your sewer lines are clogged include:

  • A foul odor emanating from the shower, bathtub, sink or toilet
  • Multiple slow drains in the house that lead to the municipal sewer system or a septic tank
  • Water level in tank rising and lowering rapidly creating a visible effect in the toilet water
  • Water flowing through one drain that leads to gurgling in another household drain
  • Water flowing up or out of the sewer line cleanout

It is important to know the status of your pipe because waste water is a health hazard and it can be dangerous to solve any blockages by yourself. If you need your line cleared, you will want to contact a professional plumber like the ones on the team at John Padilla Plumbing, Inc. We will help you solve this issue and help prevent it from happening in the future. We can also replace old and leaking pipes with a new one that will be less likely to clog. A problem-free plumbing experience that can put your mind at ease is just a call away.

To learn more about the importance of pipe status and our other plumbing services, give us a call at (858) 375-5633 or contact us online.

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